Our company plays a pivotal role in a number of joint Russian-Japanese projects in the healthcare industry. Our main goal is to ensure the extensive experience, traditions, and capabilities of Japanese medicines are within reach for inhabitants and medical institutions of other countries such as Russia. We’re currently involved in several projects including:

Medical Tourism in Japan

We bring medical treatments, operations, and rehabilitation programs to the leading clinics in Japan. Patients can count on us to handle all of their transfer and clinic registration needs. We are also here to answer any questions related to visa and legal matters.

Medical Equipment

Orion is a premier supplier of medical equipment, medicines, and biologically active supplements to the Russian market. We have the exclusive rights to deliver a number of brands and product lines from the largest producers in Japan.

Training of Russian Doctors in Japan

We organize joint programs in an effort to share experiences between the medical entities of Russia and Japan. With our programs, doctors and other medical professionals from state and private clinics receive the opportunity to participate in advanced training courses at renowned medical centers in Japan.

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